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Instagram story views are determined by the amount of people who actually click and watch your Instagram story. The Instagram Story is for the fans you have on your Instagram account exclusively. But in the story section of their feed, the amount of views you get on each of your stories decides the ranking order in which your stories will be shown to your followers. In addition, the more views on an Instagram post, the greater its reach among followers will be. Therefore, to get a higher place in the story feed of each follower and increase the scope, one needs to purchase Instagram story views.


If you buy Instagram story views, Instagram users who are not yet following you would be more intrigued by your story. You are likely to get more new followers, therefore, and become more popular. Likewise, if you purchase Instagram views for almost all of your posts, the videos can hit more and more users of Instagram. For all important stories, brands and corporations spend their money purchasing Instagram story views to drive their sales and income. Similarly, they spend their digital marketing budget on purchasing Instagram views for all videos to make their followers look like every video goes viral and thus increase the confidence factor and inspire them to purchase their products and their followers.

How it works?

The video loops don’t include the view count on an Instagram video. A view is only counted when at least 3 seconds or more of the video is viewed. The video will not become famous and viral, unless a video has a high view count. Besides, if they notice that the video count is poor, your own followers may not check your video out. Therefore, to maximize interaction and scope, you need to purchase Instagram views.